How to download and watch Torrent videos on the iPad

Filed Under (Tricks) by picker on 22-10-2011

First of all, no worries: I won’t dare turning the elegant iPad into a vulgar and busy download machine. In the age of the cloud there’s plenty of bandwidth and processing power up there for us to leverage.

A few weeks ago I subscribed to, a cloud-based downloader whose purpose is to speed up file fetching jobs from a number of online sources. Although still young and not exactly flawless, the service is quite effective and ultimately proved to go far beyond my expectations, thanks to a relatively hidden feature: media transcoding.

Let’s see then how to get a perfectly optimized video for your iPad out of a common Torrent feed, without using other device than your beloved tablet.

1. Find the video you’re interested in, for example through, and copy the Torrent file address. Be mindful of intellectual property rights.

2. Create a premium profile on for just $4.95 and login. Then press the ‘Fetch’ button and paste the URL of your Torrent as copied before.

3. Once the video file has been entirely downloaded (you can check the progress in ‘Transfers’), go to ‘Files’ and tap on the file name. A new page will open and try to play it for you, but that requires Flash and won’t work on an iPad. However, on the right hand side you will see a small menu.

4. Tap on ‘Encode this video’ and select the iPad format. This will go into a queue and take a few hours, so plan it in advance if you’re planning to carry some movies with you on the iPad for that long flight across the ocean…

5. Once the job is done, will contain an optimized version of your video in ‘Files’, with the same title as the original and a final suffix such as _iPad. Just download it from the browser of an app like Downloads HD (Safari won’t allow it) and you’re ready to go!

Update: is sadly defunct, but a very similar (and probably better) service is now available with the name of