Product management and the role of emotions

Filed Under (Technology) by picker on 25-10-2010

I’ve recently read Inspired by Marty Cagan, a clever journey across the best practices and most common mistakes of product management.

A lot of thoughts (and resolutions) were blending inside my mind after turning the last page over… well, in a metaphysical sense, for I was using an e-book reader! What I want to briefly share here is the outcome of an interview with Jeff Bonforte, an experienced executive at Yahoo!, that the author includes in the book.

Mr Bonforte basically adds a layer of analysis to the famous technology adoption curve, based on which emotions drive the users of each group. This leads to interesting results, which I think can have a role in helping product managers develop “valuable, usable and feasible” products (to quote Marty Cagan)… or, in more traditional words, to avoid Moore’s “chasm” after the early adopters phase.

Of course these definitions are not innovative and revolutionary by themselves. But we’ll never be careful enough at studying the frustrations, emotions and expectations of common people as we develop new products…

This is among the lessons Marty Cagan reinforced with his great book.

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