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Generation X – The Revenge

October 7, 2013 Technology

I was born during the final years of the so-called Generation X, so I like to pride myself of having the same confidence with technology of a digital native, together with a more reliable and structured approach to both life and business.

However I can’t deny that my generation sometimes feels compressed between an entrenched top-middle management – mostly made of Baby Boomers – and an aggressive newer generation courted by corporations eager to keep the pace of change.

Now an interesting article in The Economist (“Winning the generation game”, 09/28/2013), while focused on how companies are coping with the management of such a diversified workforce embracing three generations, also offers compelling evidence on how valuable the battered Generation X actually proves to be in the workplace.

According to research by Ernst & Young, we are:

– the best team players

– the most effective problem solvers

– the most entrepreneurial

– the least difficult to deal with

– more hard-working and cost-effective than Generation Y, and not much less than the Baby Boomers

Of course such results are likely to contain some degree of generalization: I have met and worked with very organized Generation Yers and hopelessly unreliable Baby Boomers. Yet I may happen to mention this piece of research on the first suitable occasion!

One Comment on “Generation X – The Revenge

October 14, 2013 at 2:57 AM

The turmoil and instability that have been an integral part of Xers’ lives have yielded unexpected benefits in the work world. Having been front and center for every major economic crisis of the past 30 years, Xers possess exactly the sort of resilience that organizations need as they face an uncertain future.
Most important, Xers are masters at mastering change—a skill set critical in every company today. They have been laid off, restructured, outsourced, reorganized and relocated more than any other generation in modern times—yet they are hugely hard-working and ambitious, eager to amplify their talents by learning new skills and garnering new experiences.

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