Space between paragraphs in WordPress

Filed Under (Tricks) by picker on 20-03-2009

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Used to the flexible and advanced CMS Joomla, I found WordPress an ideal tool for blogging in a quick and ready-to-go way. Just to mention one aspect, Joomla doesn’t natively support comments but requires the installation of a dedicated extension.

On the other side of the coin, WordPress can be less supportive when you look for advanced features and settings.

I initially couldn’t view the true html code of my posts, and the built-in editor used to cut tags like <br/>. So I installed the plugin TinyMCE Advanced Editor, which gave me more flexibility and control. But I still couldn’t have a custom space between paragraphs…

Unsatisfied with some work-around solutions found out on the web, I started trying with my (improvable) CSS skills and I eventually succeeded.

Well, let’s go straight to the point. You just need to put the following lines into your WordPress theme style.css file:


This simple instruction puts a padding of 7 pixels every time you close a paragraph with the tag </p> (which is exactly what happens when you press the enter button in the visual view). Of course 7 pixels have been my choice, but you can change this value until satisfied.

Hope this helps!