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Solved: “Fresh From FriendFeed and Twitter” plugin

I’ve got far less time than I wish to keep this blog updated with new posts… so I was delighted some months ago to discover the WordPress plugin Fresh From FriendFeed and Twitter. I immediately installed it, thus the home page has been constantly updated with my latest tweets ever since. […]

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Pimp your Dell Mini (2 of 2)

The preceding post has summarized the essential steps I followed to pimp my Dell Mini, by replacing the original operating system (customized by Canonical for Dell) with a standard full-featured Ubuntu Linux OS in its Netbook Remix version. What follows is instead a series of subsequent improvements I gradually brought […]

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Pimp your Dell Mini (1 of 2)

The most exciting present I received last Christmas is undoubtedly a Dell Mini 9. A few months later, though it’s been surpassed by more performant and same-priced netbooks, my small Dell is still an outstanding device: some supposed limits, like the 8Gb only built-in memory, turn into valuable features when […]

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