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Generation X – The Revenge

I was born during the final years of the so-called Generation X, so I like to pride myself of having the same confidence with technology of a digital native, together with a more reliable and structured approach to both life and business. However I can’t deny that my generation sometimes […]

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Product management and the role of emotions

I’ve recently read Inspired by Marty Cagan, a clever journey across the best practices and most common mistakes of product management. A lot of thoughts (and resolutions) were blending inside my mind after turning the last page over… well, in a metaphysical sense, for I was using an e-book reader! What […]

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The hype cycle of ebook readers

The New Year always carries assessments about what happened and resolutions for the following twelve months. Someone also looks back at past predictions, seizing the moment to evaluate them with hindsight. By applying all of this to consumer electronics, I think Apple’s iPhone has determined the most relevant market trend […]

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Disruptive technology

The amazing aspect of technology-driven markets is how swiftly change happens. In 1995 Joseph Bower and Clayton Christensen, two researchers at Harvard Business School, felt the need to invent a new term for defining the most radical of those markets’ innovations: disruptive technology. Of course change isn’t loved by everyone. […]

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