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The hype cycle of ebook readers

The New Year always carries assessments about what happened and resolutions for the following twelve months. Someone also looks back at past predictions, seizing the moment to evaluate them with hindsight. By applying all of this to consumer electronics, I think Apple’s iPhone has determined the most relevant market trend […]

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Disruptive technology

The amazing aspect of technology-driven markets is how swiftly change happens. In 1995 Joseph Bower and Clayton Christensen, two researchers at Harvard Business School, felt the need to invent a new term for defining the most radical of those markets’ innovations: disruptive technology. Of course change isn’t loved by everyone. […]

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The next US PV farm? 800 Mw!

Do you recall the Oscar winning “Erin Brockovich”, starring an outstanding Julia Roberts? Most probably yes. But less people would supposedly remember the name of the big corporation Erin fights and defeats: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). The movie is indeed based on a true story: Erin Brockovic, a formerly […]

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Pimp your Dell Mini (2 of 2)

The preceding post has summarized the essential steps I followed to pimp my Dell Mini, by replacing the original operating system (customized by Canonical for Dell) with a standard full-featured Ubuntu Linux OS in its Netbook Remix version. What follows is instead a series of subsequent improvements I gradually brought […]

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