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Generation X – The Revenge

I was born during the final years of the so-called Generation X, so I like to pride myself of having the same confidence with technology of a digital native, together with a more reliable and structured approach to both life and business. However I can’t deny that my generation sometimes […]

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Technology in Endurance Racing

When I started the bike leg of Ironman New Zealand a few months ago, the supposedly scary thought of 112 miles / 180 km of cycling was way outweighed by the awareness of how technology – beside the athlete’s performance – can influence the outcome of any triathlon. Even experienced […]

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Plutonomies and the Rise of Inequality

I’ve been reading Strange Rebels by Christian Caryl, an interesting account of how a number of key characters and events made 1979 a remarkable year, a turning point in the history of the world. The further I read, the more it looks like the late 70s and early 80s laid […]

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I’ve got the Tri Bug!

As a teenager I briefly entered the world of competitive swimming with relatively little success. Most notably, I quit without breaking the wall of 1 minute on the 100 freestyle, then I rarely swam in a pool for the following ten years. That’s why the assessment of my last five […]

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Solved: “Fresh From FriendFeed and Twitter” plugin

I’ve got far less time than I wish to keep this blog updated with new posts… so I was delighted some months ago to discover the WordPress plugin Fresh From FriendFeed and Twitter. I immediately installed it, thus the home page has been constantly updated with my latest tweets ever since. […]

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Democracy, Internet… and sun!

Perhaps it’s because none of my history teachers has ever carried out the program beyond World War II… but as a kid I used to think that we lived in a fair and peaceful era. Unfortunately we are still very far from that. Today I happened to watch the news […]

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Product management and the role of emotions

I’ve recently read Inspired by Marty Cagan, a clever journey across the best practices and most common mistakes of product management. A lot of thoughts (and resolutions) were blending inside my mind after turning the last page over… well, in a metaphysical sense, for I was using an e-book reader! What […]

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